In accordance with New York State Department of Health reporting regulations, we will be posting the Nursing Home’s statistics here on our website.  Please note that the reporting requirements have changed effective May 8, 2020.  We are now obligated to report additional statistics.


Beginning of Reporting Period:

March 1, 2020


Here are all statistics as of:

October 24, 2021

*Please note that some of these staff members may have already returned to work. We are required to report cumulative numbers beginning May 8, 2020  

COVID-19 related expirations in the facility in the last 24 hours:   SNF:   0     ALP:  0


COVID+ residents in the facility (cumulative):      SNF:  39*     ALP: 9*                     

*Please note that some of these residents may have recovered.  
  We are required to report cumulative numbers beginning May 8, 2020  

Have there been three (3) or more residents or staff with respiratory

symptoms within 72 hours of each other?

SNF: NO      ALP: NO

Number of COVID+ staff members (cumulative):     SNF:  30*       ALP: 8*                                                                 




Number of staff COVID related expirations:              SNF:  0         ALP: 0               

Please be advised that since we now have access to test swabs, we have increased our COVID-19 testing. As you know, increased testing will yield increased numbers of positive results.  Although this is an aggressive measure, we feel that it is necessary in order to properly confront this pandemic. Our plan has been reviewed with the NYS Department of Health. Please keep in mind that some of the COVID positive residents may have been admitted as positive. 


In addition, the Home is following all recommendations made by the NYS DOH, CDC and CMS in order to help to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  These include:


  • Stringent handwashing procedures

  • Continuous staff education

  • Utilization of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)


These measures are being put in place in order to keep your loved ones as safe as possible during these difficult times.  As you know, our residents’ health and safety are our top priorities.  Our staff is working tirelessly, and some at great personal loss, to work towards achieving this goal.  


Thank you and God bless you.






Anthony J. Restaino, CNHA

Executive Director